"How to become A Millionaire in Real Estate " With Brian Tracy and Friends!!!

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Terry Stallwood

I am a Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Red Seal Carpenter, Contractor, Joint Venture Partner, Speaker and Author of With The Swing of My Hammer with 45 years of experience.

I have been invited to speak for well known Real Estate Investment Clubs in Winnipeg and Toronto…I have been on stage with Sunil Tulsiani, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield.

My mission is to help you reach your financial goals through Real Estate and help you take control of your future.I help people from different walks of life and I am determined to provide you the quality training you need to succeed!

My goal is to make 10 millionaires and I want you to be one of them! I have also set a goal to Drill 100 Water Wells in Africa. And his work with Siloam Mission.

I have worked with Terry Stallwood the past year, speaking in Toronto and hosting events in Manitoba and I can guarantee that Terry is a credible mentor, and speaker who will help you through your first deal. Terry’s drive to help his students succeed is exceptional, because he cares about the people he works with and his determined to help you break through new levels in your performance.

Sunil Tulsiani Founder & Owner of Private Investment Club, Toronto, Ontario

The opportunity to have a Terry Stallwood as my mentor was a tremendous one. I thoroughly enjoyed all the coaching sessions – Terry is very knowledgeable in Real Estate. Flips, purchase to rent and hold, and most of all he thinks out of the box to acquire leads. The personal and business benefits gained from Terry as my mentor are invaluable. The techniques he introduced me to have brought valuable insights whenever I am analyzing a deal. I am now confident about the niche market of real estate investing where I am going. I have implemented the business requirements that I need to ensure success and at the same time, I am able to consider multiple leveraging in other investments possibilities. Terry definitely knows the secret to successful investments in terms of helping me to assess the detail of purchasing houses at the auction and the process to ensure success. I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone who requires this level of mentorship.

Josephine Chambers-Lynch Real Estate Investor, JSK Properties Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba 

I spent two days with Terry Stallwood at his Walk Through course and learned a lot in the important structural details of what to look for when purchasing a property. I know enough about real estate to understand you either buy right or you buy sorry, and smart enough to know avoiding ‘sorry’ has as much value or more as buying right. I appreciate all that Terry opened our eyes to what to look at in your due diligence and knowing what is an easy fix problem and what is a ‘walk away’ problem. I look forward to much more real estate education with Terry! 

Carrie Mulligan Real Estate Investor, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Terry provides a structure and hand’s on way to learn how to invest in Real Estate, and carefully analyzes opportunities with his students that most investors do not have access to. His course has given me the support to properly manage my projects, and confidence to succeed in this industry.

Jessica Maquimot Real Estate Investor, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
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Glenn Tewnion
Glenn Tewnion is the President and one of the CEO’s of Certitude Enterprises (located in Winnipeg, Manitoba), a company specializing in Property Care, 24hr Tenant services, Renovations, Repairs, Buy/Fix/Selling of Properties, as well as providing Landlord Coaching and Consulting services.
Glenn and his wife Gwen, their goal is to help as many people as possible and to provide piece of mind to both Revenue Property Owners and Real Estate Investors alike, creating win-win opportunities. His wife Gwen is currently co-authoring a book with Brian Tracy.
He is an active and successful Real Estate Investor in Winnipeg, MB, a Revenue Property Owner and currently cares for hundreds of Revenue Properties for Investors, Professionals, Realtors (and their clients), in addition to Flipping properties and providing Landlord Coaching services.
With over 13 years’ experience in Real Estate and becoming an industry leader, Glenn has completed numerous Real Estate transactions, buying, fixing, holding, selling, and managing properties, quickly realizing how much wealth was possible from acquiring rental properties.
Prior to founding Certitude Enterprises in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Glenn has always strived, and continues to strive for excellence in all his endeavours.
To learn more about Glenn and Gwen of Certitude Enterprises, please visit: or

If you would like more information about the services Certitude Enterprises provides, please email or call (204)272-9165.

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Marsha Lecour

This #1 international bestselling author, speaker and transformational strategist. “The first wealth is health.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Marsha is a former high school teacher who invested over $250,000 over the years to reclaim her health.

Marsha will teach you some simple steps to enhance your health, so that you can create even more wealth in your life.

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Cora Cristobal

This Award Winning Author of the book, 
“Journey to A New You”

The 12 Habits to a Happy and Successful Life! Cora is a successful Real Estate Investor, Realtor, Coach, Mentor, Author, and Certified Accountant. 

She helps others to invest on their own or Joint Venture with other partners in in Real Estate partnerships. 

Cora also, mentor people on to how to write a book and become successful authors.
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Nam Ratna

Saran Ratna

Tayler Fehr

Go Get It

It all started in October 2013. A soon to be practicing doctor and two accountants organized their time to meet at a real estate seminar looking for a new financial vehicle to fulfill their dreams and give them true purpose in their lives. 

The year is 2017, Go Get It Real Estate is an award Winnipeg Real Estate Investment team. Their claim to fame is implementing the BFRR strategy and accumulating over 3 million dollars of real estate with zero of their own capital and exiting the Rat Race! Rentals, flips, wholesales, apartment buildings and Mentorship; the Go Get It real estate team does it all. 

Go Get It’s success is due to their specialized skills in finding the right deals and bringing the right people together to create excellent returns.

To live the “go get it” lifestyle you must live by their mantra: “Where dreams are big, but taking action is bigger!” Are you cut out for the “go get it” lifestyle?! 

“7 Steps to Quit your Day Job with Zero of your Own Capital!”
How to Buy Fix Refinance and Rent
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Erwin Bueckert

Is an International Real Estate Investor, up and coming Author, Public Speaker and a Coach.

He has been in construction and real estate for nearly 20 years, and has been hands on involved in over 2,000 projects and as a result, he has learnt how to very effectively communicate with everyone. 

 After years of studying and implementing his passion in communication skills, he realized the most rewarding experience was from teaching his employees these skills, so much so, that he started teaching people like you, so you can enrich and enhance your life too. He realized that this is his "why" and legacy. 

Erwin will teach you how to become successful and rich by becoming an amazing negotiator with powerful communication techniques which will allow you too;

- Negotiate great discounts, and free upgrades.
- Attract investors with deep pockets to your business. 
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Swapna Ambegaonkar

This the Award winning Author, Speaker, Mentor and Transformational Leader who is very passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world by inspiring, encouraging and empowering individuals to transform and create the life they deserve.

At this event Swapna will teach you how to set focused intentional goals and take the appropriate action steps towards creating wealth and becoming a Real Estate Millionaire.

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